Saturday, September 9, 2017

Simplicity does not precede complexity...

I just discovered piano prodigy Joey Alexander - this kid plays classic jazz piano as though he grew up on the piano bench next to Oscar Peterson.

Other music up for consideration:
  • Lighthouse by Wingfield Reuter Sirkis. Neither jazz nor rock nor improv. If anything deserves the label progressive fusion, this might be it.
  • Loss by Marcus Fischer. Embraces both loss and life, loneliness and companionship.
earth :: an animated, interactive, global map of wind and weather

The periodic table done with haiku. Genius.

It's that time again when we crown the best burger in Fort Worth. Don't read this article unless you plan to eat soon cuz it'll make your mouth water.

OK, so we've had a map and something about food. How about a map about food? Specifically, the food each state hates most. Steak cooked "well done"? Absolutely. 
Here are maps of the U.S. colored as Disney princesses.

When was the first f-bomb dropped? Probably earlier than you think. Like 1310.

Computer issues have cut into today's writing.

...but follows it. ~Alan Perlis


Francis Shivone said...

Love that burger competition and thanks I hadn't heard of a half dozen of these. Marian and I tried to get into Hopdaddy last week but the wait was a little too long. I think they have just opened.

Tommy's isn't what it used to be. Sorry to say.

Glad to see Charley's in the race. They should do well.

Not sure why Five Guys wasn't included, the burger/fry combo there is good in my view.

Anyway, I'll work through them all in the next few months. Thanks.

John said...

We were talking about the burger battle at work and wondering how anyone can eat that many burgers in that period of time without gaining 25 pounds. Charley's remains my favorite but there is a Kincaid's in Southlake that's convenient when the opportunity presents itself.