Saturday, December 16, 2017

Try not to become a man of success...

A little late on this one but Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth (aka Air Force Plant 4) celebrated the plant's 75th anniversary. Watch the video to see some of what's been accomplished there.

Running may or may not help the heart. A clickbait title with weak science behind it.

But riding a roller coaster can help you pass a kidney stone.

Ten things never to wear to work. Club outfits, beachware, dirty things, things that don't fit... I'm wondering why this article needs to exist.

Richard Diebenkorn, Cityscape #1, 1963. Representational, abstract. Landscape, geometric. Flat, deep. Dark, bright. Wonderful. source
Michael Hayden isn't a fan of Trump. "If this is who we are, I wasted 40 years of my life."

Another great example of black and white animation: Alessandro Novelli's Lights.

News flash: you have to take responsibility for the assholes in your life. So says a Stanford professor and author.

Teaser trailer for Incredibles 2.

Black Holes - an animated short about a Mars-bound astronaut teamed with a sentient melon. Probably NSFW.

Blast from my childhood past: the movie Paddle to the Sea.

Music scores + data visualization = colorful graphics.
The periodic table of endangered elements, those 40 or so that face shortages in the coming years.
Artists in 60 seconds, a YouTube playlist.

At the Museum, a YouTube playlist from MoMA.

There's a grasshopper stuck in Van Gogh's painting Olive Trees.
The art of asking questions, an HBR video. Clarifying, adjoining, funneling, and elevating.

I leave you with bacon sizzling.

...but rather a man of value. ~Albert Einstein

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