Saturday, February 21, 2009

Freedom is nothing else...

Here's another blog about startups and related topics: A Smart Bear. This flickr set is about letter monsters, a fun alphabet designed to help a child learn his ABCs. Web site for the upcoming book, Foundations of Applied Mathematics. CSPD, the Center for Student Professional Development, is where to go to hire students from Rice. You can download the models used in the book Level of Detail for 3D Graphics. You can buy furniture at Weir's. ProgRock Records is where to go to get your favorite progressive rock.

The movie The Fifth Element makes me smile every time I watch it. The story is fresh (I love the Mondoshawans), the acting is good (Gary Oldman is great), there's a lot of humor (You want some more?), the pace is vigorous, but what ties it all together for me is the soundtrack which is so wonderfully integrated into the film it is absolutely seamless.

Drink your beer from a glass and a bottle with Hopside Down. A little too late for Valentine's Day, but you can still enjoy making a word heart. Zen Habits is a blog about setting and achieving goals. And yet another blog about personal productivity, this one by David Seah. When in Syracuse, have yourself a burger and a beer at Zebb's. Or just have the beer by checking out Syracuse Beer Week. Sycode just released some software that lets you convert a polygonal mesh to a solid model. Everything you ever wanted to know about Pac-Man is in his dossier.

...but a chance to be better.

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