Saturday, February 7, 2009

The future is not a destination to be found...

If you need any electrical work done, give TLC Electrical a call. The burgers at Freddy's Frozen Custard are better than the ones at Steak n Shake. I was in the last class at my high school that had to learn how to use a slide rule, but not these nuclear slide rules. Put a Swift Wind Turbine on your roof. HydroSed2D is an open-source, two-dimensional numerical model for hydrodynamics and sediment transport on unstructured mesh. The folks at Juice Analytics are experts in the analysis and presentation of business information and share their ideas on their blog. Here's an old but still relevant blog post from Joel on Software about how to demo software.

Can't read or write Cyrillic? Fake it. When you have to know for sure, use this guide to How To Spot a Canadian. Convert text to music. D-Pad Hero is Guitar Hero for the NES. The Scat Jazz Lounge is the place for live jazz in Fort Worth. Add unicorns and rainbows to any web site with Cornify. Find the #1 song on any date using flashback charts. (On my birthday it was Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares. Coincidence? I think not.) Ever wonder what the 20 worst foods are? Wouldn't reading all 100 of these productivity blogs be counter-productive? The Business of Software conference will be held 09-11 November 2009 in San Francisco.

...but rather a path to be created.

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