Monday, December 26, 2011

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories by Dr. Seuss

When I was much younger, two decades or more,
my oldest would beg "Read Daddy, more."
Down from his shelf the books I would pile,
and some more than others would get a big smile.
Books with eggs of unusual color,
a rainbow of fish, an unlucky feller.
Each one I'd read but he never called stop
but I sure did when it was Hop on Pop.
With Seuss and his creatures we had a grand time
because his art was joyous, his rhymes were sublime.
We had all the books and knew them by heart
but on went life and we and Seuss did part.

Until one day not too long ago
I read that our collection just wasn't so.
All Seuss's books weren't found in a store.
There were, as it turns out, a few stories more.
A fan named Charles had sussed them all out
from magazine articles in Redbook no doubt.
He put them together with artwork, indeed,
and published a book called The Bippolo Seed.

In this new book we find tales like his others
about Tadd and Todd, identical twin brothers,
and Gustav a fish, and Henry a dreamer,
Zinniga-Zanniga and red meat for dinner.

They took me back to the time on the floor
a little one pleading "Read Daddy, more."
But the thing about Seuss, and it doubles the fun,
he's as good for the dad as he is for the son.

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