Thursday, August 28, 2014

Micro by Michael Crichton

This horrible book
was so bad that I gave up
before CD 4.

When I saw that my local library had added the audio book version of Michael Crichton's Micro I took a chance and checked it out. I love his The Andromeda Strain but his more recent works suffer from a tendency to read like screenplays instead of novels.

Big mistake.

A couple of completely implausible plot elements were followed by a twist that was so mind-numbingly stupid that I punched the Eject button on the car's CD player. The dopey plot wasn't helped by prose that was so weak and flimsy that it made Hemingway look like Joyce by comparison.

The crappy writing wasn't helped by the voice acting. John Bedford Lloyd punches out each word with the deftness of an oafish eighth grader playing Whac-A-Mole.

Avoid at all costs. At least the first 3 CDs. Who knows, maybe the book gets really good after that.

Better yet, snuggle up with a copy of  The Andromeda Strain. (Or the movie from the 70s.)

Update 30 Aug 2014: Grammar corrections.

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