Saturday, July 11, 2015

It takes a long time...

A perfectly delightful animation: The Goat Herder and his Lots and Lots and Lots of Goats by Will Rose.
Six things everyone should know about quantum physics. #2 It's discrete, which is how atomic clocks work.

Use to see 3G and 4G LTE signal strength in your area.
Lockheed Martin shares photos from inside the cockpits of all its aircraft.

Boeing presents Strategic Airpower: The History of Bombers. Well worth a look.

From the Dept. of Bad Ideas comes this patent application for an airline seating arrangement that has the middle seat passing facing rearward. Could only have been design by a robot.
Anil Prasad ignited a lot of passion with his article on the negative impact of streaming services on the music business because he included the phrase "listener complicity." Basically, music streaming is financially disastrous for musicians. I wonder how the payouts from Pandora and Spotify compare to those from traditional FM radio. I personally have given up on Pandora, the service I used for a while, and only listen to music I have actually purchased. And honestly, the audio quality of streamed music that you play over your computer or through ear-buds is so poor you might as well be listening to a cover band.

From the project to digitize the Vatican's collection of documents, Digita Vaticana, comes these pages from a 16th century book of hymns.
Maybe you'd prefer to read scanned back issues of Computers and Automation magazine.

This editorial from the Fort Worth Star Telegram on Christians' dwindling influence in modern society is sad and borders on the pathetic. The piece begins with this odd statement: "...devout Christian communities are bracing for what they anticipate will be the wholesale collapse of any Christian influence in the broader culture." I wasn't aware that the goal of Christianity was to influence broader culture. I thought Christianity was a faith-based set of principles for guiding one's own personal behavior. Instead, the editorialist seems to be playing a zero sum game: because other people don't agree with my religion's traditions, my religion is somehow diminished (i.e. someone is winning, therefore someone else must be losing). And who is to blame for generational thinning of the faith? Frankly my dear, it's not secular society's fault. Look no further than the manner in which you the faithful instill your beliefs in your own children.

Bird song visualized.
Remember when video games didn't have plots? Here's one that might be true for Mario World.

This is not a special effect. Several visitors photographed the castle at Disney World being struck by lightning.
Extra credit is due this article on 3D printing and robotics that uses the term "trouser cough" to describe the means of locomotion of a robot with a "soft butt able to belch hot gasses." However, demerits are warranted for the use of the term "boffins" which really shouldn't be used anywhere under any circumstances, you sons of a silly person. become young. ~Pablo Picasso

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